Our Story

The year was 1969. There was a music festival called Woodstock.  Mankind, represented by Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong, stepped onto the moon. And, a first class postage stamp cost six cents. 

That was also the year George Swinford decided to take his construction knowledge and strike out on his own by purchasing a company in Wells County, Indiana.  It was called Briner Building and George decided to retain the Briner name. 

In the beginning, Briner primarily constructed commercial grain elevators, Butler® engineered grain bins and elevators, and some farm buildings.  By 1984, the decision was made to move from the agricultural focus to commercial and industrial construction, including design-build industrial Butler® Building Systems.  This was also the year Mike Swinford purchased the company from his father.  Once again, the decision was made to keep the name of Briner.

A lot has changed over the years.  Briner building has evolved from a family business to an employee partner company run by Chris Elser, Dave Dunwiddie, Bryan Harshbarger and Mike Swinford.

Today, Briner Building serves customers in northeast Indiana and parts of Ohio with quality employees, technology and construction experience from 5,000 sf buildings to over 500,000 sf industrial building systems.  Also offered, are building maintenance construction services and reroofing expertise. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is Briner Building’s commitment to excellence and quality.  Briner Building is committed to growing not only as a company, but growing the opportunities for our people and their families through improving our community.  

Our Purpose

Briner Building, Inc. will be a community and industry leader by being committed to honesty, integrity and excellence.  We will strive to “build the future” by constructing a quality building while creating a lasting customer relationship. 

We will continue to build a trust and ensure quality for the name Briner.

Our Leadership

Day_14M3504s_%28640x800%29 Mike Swinford - President/Partner (41 Years)

Responsible for Office Personnel: Controller, Administrative Assistant, Estimators, Salesmen, AutoCAD, and Superintendents. Oversees and controls all insurance costs for Briner Building, Inc. Oversees and controls all banking relationships. Prepares and manages annual business budget.

Day_14M3486s_%28640x800%29 Dave Dunwiddie - Vice President of Construction Operations/Partner (34 Years)

Responsible for managing all construction operations including construction employees, materials and equipment. Supervises and evaluates all job costs and schedules. Approves all invoices (subcontractors, material suppliers, vendors). 

Day_14M3477s_%28640x800%29 Chris Elser - Vice President of Project Development/Partner (27 Years)

Responsible for managing the design/build estimating and project management department. Creates and expands existing customer base by increasing sales with new customers; maintains good customer relationships with existing customers.

Day_14M3466s_%28640x800%29 Bryan Harshbarger - Vice President - Sales/Marketing - Partner (7 Years)

Responsible for managing contracted projects from inception to completion while maintaining construction schedule, project costs, and customer satisfaction. Generates detailed cost-efficient project proposals by monitoring current technology and new building trends while maintaining overall quality.

Day_14M3505s_%28640x800%29 Cameron Green - Estimator/Project Manager (2 Years)

Responsible for estimating and project management of prospective and active construction projects. Cameron is a recent graduate of Ball State.

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