March 20, 2023

Briner Announces Dave Anderson as Partner

Briner Building, Inc. is pleased to announce Dave Anderson, VP of Construction Operations as our most recent partner. Dave joined Briner in February of 2009 as an Iron Worker, where he was shortly promoted to Steel Forman. In 2016, Dave became a Project Superintendent until 2018 when he took on his current role as VP of Construction Operations.

Anderson comments, “I am extremely proud of our Briner team and the work efforts they put in each and every day. This is what allows for a successful company and I am proud to be a part of that even more so now as a partner.”

“Our growth is directly related to our field team members and Dave’s leadership. Briner’s ability to not only service our existing clients but expand our field staff concurrently in this business climate is remarkable,” said Bryan Harshbarger, Briner Building, Inc. President. “I look forward to our continued growth as a company, supporting our clients, and most importantly supporting our Briner team”

Dave joins Bryan Harshbarger, Chris Elser and Dave Dunwiddie as partners/owners.

“Briner is unique in that we have grown at the same pace as our clients,” said Chris Elser, Partner. “Over the last 10 years, we have completely transitioned the company to a new group of leaders. These new leaders have not only exceeded my expectations but the expectations of our clients, our vendors and our trade partners.”

Anderson finishes by saying, “I am grateful for the opportunities Briner has given my family. I realize the time commitment the construction industry requires, many long days throughout the years. I am thankful for a supportive wife and our four kids who are always waiting for me to walk through the door.”