Building Relationships: Our Collaboration with Living Essentials

We have a strong relationship with Living Essentials, makers of 5-Hour ENERGY.Getting to work with the same company on multiple projects is always a rewarding experience for a builder, but this has proved to be especially true about our relationship with Living Essentials. Living Essentials is the producer of the well-known 5-hour ENERGY shots. Briner Building and Living Essentials have a 5 year history of collaboration that has resulted in some of the most impressive industrial buildings in the area!

It all began in 2008 when our marketing and sales development manager became aware of a proposed addition to the Living Essentials location in Wabash County. Following up on the lead, it was soon realized that Living Essentials’ facilities maintenance manager had worked with Briner on a project in the past. This manager’s knowledge of our expertise and satisfaction with our work helped jump-start what would prove to be an ever-growing and mutually beneficial relationship.

Thirteen acres under one roof!Our first project with Living Essentials – a new 200,000 square foot Warehouse and Distribution Facility – was a great success! So much so, that we were contracted again in 2010 to prepare a design/build solution for a 220,000 square foot Production Facility to be added to the previously constructed Warehouse facility.

And that’s not all! Before the new Production Facility was even complete, we were already at it again working on an additional 200,000 square foot warehouse. The explosion in popularity of Living Essentials’ 5-hour ENERGY shot led to the creation of 620,000 square feet of industrial space in less than three years, and we were more than happy to partner in this effort!

The knowledge that we gained from working closely with Living Essentials over the course of those three years proved invaluable when it came to delivering a superior product and meeting Living Essentials’ ever growing needs. The relationship didn’t end there, though. In the summer of 2011, we began constructing a new stand alone 528,000 square foot Production and Warehouse Facility in a new Industrial Park developed by the city of Wabash. You can read more about this particular project or watch a video of the project’s progress here.

Partnering with great companies like Living Essentials has always been a pleasure for our team here at Briner Building. We love working with great people and developing relationships that truly last a lifetime! If you are looking for a builder to work along side of you, we would love to talk to you! Our history of multi-year, multi-project collaborations with great companies like Living Essentials is a true testament to what we are all about – building relationships, not just buildings. We care about our clients and it shows, so join us and make your building dreams a reality!

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