Safety: More than an Afterthought

If you’ve visited our Facebook or LinkedIn page lately, I’m sure that you have noticed that we have been focusing on construction safety. That’s because at Briner Building, we view safety as a critical issue. The health and safety of our employees is something that we approach with a great deal of importance and intentionality on a daily basis. In fact, it is the first thing we address each and every week!

Monday Morning Safety Meetings

Every Monday morning, we gather our staff for a weekly safety meeting. This meeting is a great opportunity for the employees to bring forth any concerns that might have come up in the previous week, for us to present any new safety information that arises, and for us to reinforce our current safety guidelines and what we expect from our staff in terms of safety. Doing this on a Monday morning helps us to start our week on the right foot by placing our focus on what is most important first – the health and safety of our employees and everyone who visits our job sites during construction.

Safety Netting

One way that Briner is going above and beyond to protect our workers is through the use of a special kind of safety netting during roof installations. This netting is on the cutting-edge of safety for the construction industry and we are proud to be one of the few, if not the only, contractors in the area to embrace this safety feature during our construction process.

Zero Lost Time Award

All of these safety efforts have resulted in Briner Building being awarded a “Zero Lost Time” award in 2013 by the Building Contractors Association of Northeast Indiana (BCA). This Safety Excellence Award is for “Outstanding Efforts in Promoting Construction Workers Safety”. As honored as we were to receive this award, the true reward for us was knowing that we were able to keep our workers healthy and safe despite being in a notoriously dangerous industry.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out Briner Building’s Facebook or LinkedIn page, I would encourage you to do so! Throughout the rest of November, we will be offering lots of practical tips on construction safety that apply – not only to workers in the construction industry – but also to individuals working on everyday home improvement projects. It’s a great resource that we are pleased to provide, and we encourage you to check back often and most importantly stay safe!

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